Tips For Keeping Track Of Medications

The world seems to be at the point of popping you a pill with anything that is wrong.  We have pills to help us sleep, we have pills that help us stay awake.  We have pills that fix our pain we have pills that cause us to lose weight.  With all of these pills and remedies, it can be very difficult to keep track of what we have and if anything turns up missing.  This is why a pharmacy inventory system is so beneficial.

Start with a clear inventory

Before we can start keeping track of our inventory we need to start from nothing.  More often than not, we will have a lot of inventory laying around, things that were meant for something else and god knows what.  To manage our inventory we need to start with no inventory and work forward.

pharmacy inventory system

Have one person manage the inventory

There is a say, too many cooks spoil the soup.  This is true when you are running a business or if you are trying to keep track of your medications.  When you want to have an accurate count of what you have, there needs to be one person who takes inventory in and one that allows inventory out.  When you have one person doing it then you have one person who is accountable and they can work back easier to discover where they made a mistake or where an item is that they didn’t catalog.

Backup your system

Once you start entering in your data and keeping track of your inventory, you want to have a backup of your system.  This backup needs to be kept offsite or in the cloud.  If you have a backup stored on your parent device it won’t do you any good if that device crashes, is stolen or otherwise damaged.  When you have an backup off site then you can easily hop onto another machine and access the data.